The Letters Festival + OOMPH! Press present POÉTICA TRANSNACIONAL: Buenos Aires and Atlanta

It's been nearly a month since OOMPH's collaboration with the Letters Festival in Atlanta, and although there were some technical difficulties, overall I think it was a huge success. Those in Atlanta were able to hear Argentine poets Juan Salzano and Daniela Regert read their work, and Buenos Aires got a taste of Atlanta poets Bruce Covey and Amy McDaniel. There were some audio troubles on our end but Bruce and Amy's readings were projected live while Alex Gregor and I read their work from a fluid setlist prepared beforehand, in case of such an emergency. Each respective venue was packed and attendees received a pamphlet featuring side-by-side translations of selected poems from each reader. None of this would have been possible without the help of Scott Daughtridge and Stephanie Dowda, who curate the Letters Festival and the Lost in the Letters reading series, and those who attended the readings; also, Alex and Evan Leed's work translating the poems included in the pamphlet, and Irene Loewy's contributions and thoughtful advice. Additionally, we'd like to thank Noland Bo Chaliha for helping us with our website over the past few months. Below is a .pdf of what was handed out. We want to extend our gratitude to Juan, Daniela, Bruce and Amy for working with us to get these poems translated, it was very much a collaborative effort. I'm writing this so Alex doesn't have to thank himself, because I think he's too humble to do so and would purposely overlook it. However, both of us, and a ton of other people, worked very hard on this project and we're excited to present these poems to you. 

  - Daniel Beauregard

POÉTICA TRANSNACIONAL: McDaniel/Covey/Regert/Salzano