OOMPH! is a work in translation; a work in transition; a work in extension; a work in exchange; a work in expansion of contemporary literature. We aim to connect writers around the globe. We aim to improve our aim the farther away we aim. OOMPH! is a literary journal focused on contemporary works in translation, currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rome, Italy.

We're interested in publishing work that creates a new language, either textually or conceptually. We want to be able to present literature that is difficult for people to understand, work they've never seen before because it's very far away from their way of thinking. We want to find, translate and publish things that are different. We want work that pushes the envelope, both linguistically and thematically, so that when you read it, it sounds different, looks different and hits you in the face.



Alex Gregor: Founding Editor, Translator

Alex Gregor is a writer, editor & teacher currently living in Rome, Italy. He is one of the founding editors of OOMPH! Press and the curator of PERM PRESS. His chapbook, MARGINAL COMETS, was selected as a semifinalist for the Radioactive Cloud Chapbook Open Reading Period (2018); his chapbook, FAUCET, was selected as a finalist for The Atlas Review Chapbook Series (2015). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Queen Mob's Tea HouseNOÖDELUGEEntropyJacket 2Real PantsFanzineDeer Bear Wolf MagazineMuse /A JournalDream Pop PressGLITTER MOB MAG and elsewhere. He has a MA in English from Georgia State University. Follow him online at www.marginalcomets.com


Daniel Beauregard: Founding Editor, Translator

Daniel Beauregard is a writer and editor currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work has appeared in The Fanzine, JellyfishILKSmoking Glue Gun, and elsewhere. He has two chapbooks of poetry available: Before Your Were Born (421 Atlanta) and HELLO MY MEAT (Lame House Press). Follow him on Twitter @666ICECREAM.


Evan Leed: Assistant Editor, Leading Translator

Evan Leed is a writer and filmmaker currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His play “Calicut” was performed as part of the 2011 New Paltz New Plays festival and his writing has appeared in Shabby Doll HouseThought Catalog, and Internet Poetry.


Laura Theobald: Book Designer

Laura Theobald has lived in various places in the South, grew up in the Florida Keys, and currently lives in New Orleans. Her first full length book of poetry is What My Hair Says About You from the Montreal-based small press publisher Metatron (2016). Her chapbooks are Edna Poems (Lame House, 2016), The Best Thing Ever (Boost House, 2015), and Eraser Poems (H_NGM_N, 2014). She completed her MFA in Poetry from LSU in 2016, and has served as an editor and book designer for a number of small press publishers. She is currently a book designer for BOAAT and OOMPH!, and a freelance editor and book designer. Her recent poems have appeared in The WandererSink ReviewHobartPinwheelWitch Craft MagazineThe Atlas ReviewEveryday GeniusBlack Warrior Review, and other places.