Call for Submissions

We are proud to announce the forthcoming release of our second full-length collection of works in translation. The print journal will feature contemporary poetry and prose from all around the world, translated from the original language into English, much like CONTEMPORARY WORKS IN TRANSLATION: A MULTILINGUAL ANTHOLOGY (VOL. 1). The booklet will contain side-by-side translations of each text, allowing readers to engage with both the original and translated versions simultaneously.

For this anthology, we would like to invite translators to submit a selection of translated poetry or prose written by a non English-language contemporary author. By contemporary, we mean any piece that was written after 1980. By poetry/prose, we'll leave that up for you to decide. Read read our mission statement, peruse our recent publications and browse our blog to get an idea of what we're interested in publishing.

In order to streamline the process and make this easier for everyone, please include the following in your submission:

  • Subject line: "Submission – Your Name"
  • Message: A short paragraph that summarizes your submission.
  • Attachments: Please include the following requested materials, attached as both .PDF and WORD documents:
    • Your bio
    • The author's bio
    • The original text(s)
    • The translated text(s)
    • A letter stating that you have permission to publish the work in print and online

You can submit a maximum of 3 poems for each author, but you can submit as many different authors as you want. Please limit prose submissions to no longer than 3,000 words. Send all submitted materials to by July 31, 2017.

Editorial Policy: If your work is accepted, you will be granting us First Serial Rights to publish but you will retain full copyright. When your piece is published in the future, please mention that the work originally appeared in OOMPH!