Contemporary Works in Translation: A Multilingual Anthology (Vol II)


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A multilingual collection of contemporary poetry and short prose with side-by-side translations into English from the Spanish, French and Italian languages. Featuring work from the following authors & translators:

Jaime Pinos (trans. by Carlos Soto Román)
Giorgia Romagnoli (trans. by Giorgia Romagnoli)
Mohammed Khaïr-eddine (trans. by Jake Syersak)
Marco Giovenale (trans. by Diana Thow)
Alessandro De Francesco (trans. by Andreas Burckhardt)
Nurit Kasztelan (trans. by Francesca Cricelli)
Florinda Fusco (trans. by Jean-luc Defromont)
Martín Armada (trans. by Shira Rubenstein)
Diego Alfaro Palma (trans. by Lucian Mattison)
Liliana Moreno Muñoz (trans. by Emily Paskevics)
Alessandra Greco (trans. by Marcella Greco)
Claudio Bertoni (trans. by Carlos Soto Román)
Maria Grazia Calandrone (trans. by Johanna Bishop)
Marina Yuszczuk (trans. by Alexis Almeida)
Giancarlo Huapaya (trans. by Ilana Luna)
Andrea Inglese (trans. by Sara Elena Rossetti) 

A Letter from the Editors

We are ecstatic to publish our second volume of OOMPH! Contemporary Works in Translation: A Multilingual Anthology. This year’s collection showcases work translated from Italian, French, and Spanish, with authors from Italy, Switzerland, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Canada, Morocco, and the United States. This year’s submissions arrived from Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, the United States, and Germany, among other countries in the Americas and Europe. Although our linguistic scope may be slight compared to Volume I, we believe what this volume lacks in breadth has been gained in depth.

In these pages you will find works of poetry and short prose appearing in their original language and in English. Since our beginning, we have been committed to publishing every piece that we select in a bilingual, side-by-side format, so that the reader can engage with the translation as much as possible. With the original on the left and the translation on the right, one can simply “cross the gutter” to compare the words in their native language to those presented by the translator. This, we believe, for many reasons, is crucial to developing a deeper understanding of an author and their work; for no language exists in a vacuum, and no translation can be either objectively or completely accurate, either in its form or its meaning. A multilingual approach, then, provides readers with the opportunity to follow the movement between languages and cultures, similar to the processes used by the translators themselves. It is this implicit potential for exchange, which lies in engaging with languages and cultures other than one’s own, that embodies the OOMPH! mission and philosophy of translation, detailed in the following section.

It is with great pleasure that we present to you OOMPH! Contemporary Works in Translation: A Multilingual Anthology Vol II. As you make your way through its pages, we encourage you to treat the space that separates the work from its translation as a river dividing a city in two, a mountain range partitioning a country into regions, an ocean lying between continents—and forge that river, cross those mountains, and sail across the waters, to hear the voices on the other side.

Thank you for supporting small press publishing and literature in translation.

Alex Gregor & Daniel Beauregard
Founding Editors


Contemporary Works in Translation: A Multilingual Anthology (Vol I)


A multilingual collection of contemporary poetry and short prose with side-by-side translations into English from the German, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew, Croatian, Spanish, French and Portuguese languages. Featuring work from the following authors & translators: 
Laura Vazquez (trans. by Evan Leed)  
Daniel Blanchard (trans. by JD Larson) 
Friederike Mayröcker (trans. by JD Larson) 
Yorlady Ruíz López (trans. by Emily Paskevics) 
Sara Tuss Efrik (trans. by Paul Cunningham) 
Sofia Roberg (trans. by Nicholas Lawrence) 
Rodrigo Lira (trans. by Thomas Rothe & Rodrigo Olavarría) 
Véronique Pittolo (trans. by Laura Mullen) 
Nasser Rabah (trans. by Joanna Chen & Julie Yelle) 
Yonatan Berg (trans. by Joanna Chen) 
Laura Wittner (trans. by Shira Rubenstein) 
Olja Savicevic Ivancevic (trans. by Andrea Jurjevic) 
Roberta Iannamico (trans. by Alexis Almeida) 
Roberto Barbery (trans. by Evan Leed) 

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PDF ($8)


Purchase directly from the founding editors at an OOMPH! Press Event


Contemporary Works in Translation: A Multilingual Anthology is the first volume of the annual print journal from OOMPH! Press. Prior to this publication, we released a pamphlet for a bilingual reading at The Letters Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Atlanta, GA (POÉTICA TRANSNACIONAL, 2014), an all-female, Spanish-language zine for Atlanta Zine Fest 2015: Girls in DIY (OOMPH! Volume 1, 2015) and a booklet for the Literature is Alive reading series at Emory University (Language is Alive, 2015). All of our collections, which are now available on our website, have featured side-by-side translations with original language texts in Spanish, French and Portuguese, written by authors from North America, South America and Europe.

In an effort to continually expand our geographic reach and widen our linguistic scope, we have curated this collection to showcase work in German, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew and Croatian, along with the more familiar languages of Spanish, French and Portuguese. The authors are from all over, including France, Austria, Colombia, Sweden, Chile, Gaza, Israel, Argentina, Croatia and Bolivia. While most of the translators are from the United States, many of them are living outside of the country, working within the languages and cultures of the texts that they’re translating.

Whether you’re an expert in translation studies or an avid reader interested in peering into the world of non-English-language literature, we hope that this collection can serve as a small sample of the good work being done on the front lines.



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