OOMPH! Press @ Atlanta Zine Fest + OOMPH! Volume 1

Last month, we put together a little zine for a really cool festival in Atlanta called Atlanta Zine Fest. Since this year's theme was Girls in DIY, we thought we'd translate some of our favorite all-female, non-English-language poets and publish a text specially-made for the event. The booklet features translations from Spanish, French and Portuguese, showcasing authors from all over, including Angélica Liddell and María Mercromina (Spain), Esther García (Mexico), Laura Vasquez (France), Norah Lange and Olga Orozco (Argentina) & Marília Garcia (Brazil), not to mention super rad cover art by Lala Ferrero. Translated by the OOMPH editors from Buenos Aires and Rome, we somehow managed to get the text printed in Atlanta and hand-delivered to Laura Relyea at Vouched Books just in time for the Murmur-sponsored event (thanks Travis Broyles!)

If you didn't get a chance to pick up the zine at the festival, we've made it available online! Enjoy!